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Cyb - ChatBox vb 3.8 اضافة

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  • Cyb - ChatBox vb 3.8 اضافة

    vB Version: 3.8.x Rating: (137 votes - 4.69 average) Installs: 1390
    Released: 10 Jan 2009 Last Update: Never Downloads: 7937
    Not SupportedDB ChangesUses PluginsAuto-Template
    Powerful AJAX-based ChatBox for vBulletin.

    Main Features:
    -One step installation (no file uploads, no manual template modifications required)
    -Put ChatBox on any forum page by setting script name and adding variable to desired template
    -"ChatBox Full" (always available on separate page)
    -"Messages Archive" (available on separate page, with options to edit/delete messages)
    -"ChatBox Search"
    -Option to block usergroups from viewing ChatBox
    -Option to delete messages older than x hours automatically
    -"ChatBox Statistics" (new messages since last visit, messages in last x hours, total messages, top x chatters,...)
    -View users active in ChatBox (available in CBFull and Archive)
    -Text formatting options (color, weight, style, decoration,...)
    -Advanced Smiliebox
    -Smiliebox options: total smilies available, smilies per row, smilie clipping, disable smilies...
    -A lot of customizable stuff, including: set new/old status icons, time/date format, box height, message order, auto-refresh intervals,...
    -One-click actions: View all messages posted by user X, Delete all messages posted by user x, Ban/unban user from ChatBox, View last message posted by user X, View your last message, View first unread message
    -"/me" action (used when you want to refer to yourself in the "third person")
    ...and more...

    See screenshots for more details.

    1. Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]
    2. OPTIONAL (custom placement on forum page)
    Open desired template and put "$cybchatbox" to desired line.

    To set options:
    Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Cyb - ChatBox

    To have ChatBox enabled on desired page:
    1. THIS_SCRIPT must be defined in php file (by default all important vBulletin files has this)
    2. Hack options - You must add THIS_SCRIPT value for target page to "Show ChatBox on" setting field
    3. Main template called on target page must contain "$cybchatbox" variable

    To have ChatBox enabled on vBa CMPS:
    1. Hack options - Add "adv_index" to "Show ChatBox on" setting field (values in this field should be separated by commas) > Save
    2. vBa CMPS Default Settings - add "cybchatbox" to "Portal Output Global Variables" field (values in this field should be separated by carriage return) > Save
    3. [Optional] Template "adv_portal" - add "$cybchatbox" to line where you want ChatBox to appear (for example below "$navbar") > Save

    v1.0 - Sep 15. 2007.
    -First version
    v1.1-v1.6 - Sep/Oct 2007.
    -Bug fixes, improvements, several new options added,...
    v1.7 - Oct 07. 2007.
    -Released at vB.org
    v1.8 - Oct 11. 2007.
    -Fixed bug where moderators can not delete messages
    -New: Set auto-refresh interval for messages
    -New: Set auto-refresh interval for active users
    -New: Option to enable auto-refresh for guests
    -New: Option to reverse message order (newest at bottom)
    v1.8.1 - Oct 11. 2007.
    -Fixed bug where colspan in Archive is not set correctly for moderators
    -Added ability to disable date in mesages (simply leave date field blank)
    -Added option to have ChatBox always collapsed by default (ChatBox Full not affected)
    v1.8.2 - Oct 12. 2007.
    -Fixed bug (reversed message order gives wrong results)
    -New: Set timecut in minutes for active users listing
    -New: Automatically parse links in messages (can be disabled)
    v1.8.3 - Oct 13. 2007.
    -Auto-prune setting field restored
    -Fixed bug where some users are logged-out after posting message
    -Improved detection and listing of active users
    -If user is active in ChatBox it will be shown in profile and wol list
    v1.9 - Oct 15. 2007.
    -New: Not all smilies are loaded on startup. Set how many of them you want to show before user clicks "More".
    -New: "/me" user action ("/me" in submitted message will be replaced by author's username, and message appears in color you set)
    -Minor bug fixes
    v1.9.1 - Oct 15. 2007.
    -Fixed bug from previous version where message area height not follows your settings properly
    v1.9.2 - Nov 06. 2007.
    -New option in user menu: View messages posted by user
    -Option to allow users to delete their own messages
    -Fixed bug where admin with primary usergroup different than 6 is not able to delete all messages
    -Fixed bug where links to member profiles in messages are broken at "/member.php"
    -"Delete Selected" moved to phrases
    v1.9.3 - Nov 20. 2007.
    -New: Set groups able to view Chatbox but not post messages
    -New: Set groups able to edit/delete all messages, and ban/unban users from ChatBox
    -New: Customize color list in message posting interface
    -New: Ban list
    -Fixed default text color
    -Fixed some compatibility issues for "/me" action
    -Fixed bug where some users get db error when importing product
    -Fixed bug where you need to refresh page after "Busy" message to continue chatting
    -Minor bug fixes
    v1.9.4 - Nov 21. 2007.
    -Fixed bug with changing colors in IE
    -Some code optimization done
    v1.9.5 - Nov 26. 2007.
    -Fixed bugs with stripping html tags and "/me" action
    v1.9.6 - Nov 29. 2007.
    -New: ChatBox Search
    -New: Click on message icon in main box to open message for editing/deletion
    -Fixed bug with page navigation
    -Minor bug fixes/code improvements
    v1.9.7 - Dec 01. 2007.
    -New: Find first unread message
    -New: Find your last message
    -New: Find last message by user X
    v1.9.8 - Dec 05. 2007.
    -New: Ban certain BB tags from being used in the ChatBox
    -New feature in user messages view: "Locate this message in Archive"
    -New: Message icons in Main box now opens Archive where requested message is highlighted
    -New in "Top Chatters": Click on number to view chatter messages
    -New in "My Messages": Click on number to view your own messages
    -Fixed bug where space after username is lost in "/me" action message
    v1.9.9 - Dec 06. 2007.
    -New: Users with post count less than X can not view ChatBox
    -New: Log/view/resolve IP addresses in CB messages
    -Fixed bug with searching last message by user X
    v2.0 - Apr 30. 2008.
    -New: "Locate message in Archive" option in search results
    -CSRF protection added
    -Compatible with vBulletin 3.7 Gold (may not work with Beta/RC releases)
    v2.1 - Jun 24. 2008.
    -Fixed bug (users always shown using their primary group display parameters)
    -Fixed bug (if there are whitespaces in banned tags setting it will not work properly)
    -You can now choose which usergroups are able to moderate ChatBox (not just switch between 5/6/7)
    -"Below Forums" added to auto-insert locations (ForumHome only)
    -New: Option to disable parsing of manually entered smilie codes
    -New: Disable message time in ChatBox (Archive not affected)
    -New: Submit button added
    -New: Option to change text size (display)
    -New: Option to set width of [code], [php] and [html] BB code blocks in ChatBox
    -New: Limit message lenght
    -Several minor bug fixes/code improvements
    v2.2 - Jul 10. 2008.
    -New: auto-hiding Status bar to inform you about ChatBox activities
    -Improved ChatBox performance
    -Improved char counter compatibility/look
    v2.3 - Sep 22. 2008.
    -Fixed XSS vulnerability in ChatBox Search
    -Improved Tags Banning feature
    -Fixed bug (user can add forbidden tags by editing already posted message)
    -Fixed bug (user blocked by low post count can access ChatBox on separate page if url is known)
    -Fixed bug (page shifting on refresh in IE)
    -Fixed bug (Smilies menu breaks row on expand in Opera)
    -Minor bug fixes

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